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Lymphatic Drainage

Experience the perfect fusion of cutting-edge skincare and natural detoxification. Our HydraFacial Lymphatic Drainage treatment combines the excellence of HydraFacial with the benefits of lymphatic drainage.


What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, non-invasive technique that promotes lymph fluid flow, reducing inflammation and supporting your body's detoxification process.


The HydraFacial Difference

HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin, delivering instant improvements in texture and appearance. When combined with lymphatic drainage, it becomes a holistic skincare experience.



  • Detoxify and Decongest: Enhance toxin removal and reduce skin puffiness.

  • Puffiness Reduction: Alleviate puffiness and swelling.

  • Enhanced Circulation: Promote healthy blood flow and a radiant complexion.

  • Soothing Relaxation: Enjoy a tranquil experience.

  • Healthy, Glowing Skin: Achieve a refreshed, youthful glow.

Our expert team customizes each treatment for your unique needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment and discover the transformative power of HydraFacial Lymphatic Drainage for beautiful, radiant skin.

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