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Rejuvenate and Revitalize
 Your Whole Body

Feel Your Best
IV Hydration Therapy 

IV Hydration Therapy provides direct access into the bloodstream to deliver supplements and nutrients.  The benefits of IV Hydration Therapy mainly stems from the fast delivery of nutrients to the body system.

Additional Benefits:
  • Stay hydrated and restore bodily function.

  • IV Hydration fluid goes directly to the tissues providing optimal results.

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Provides Better Cognitive Function

  • Benefits skin, joints, and muscles.

  • Quick recovery treatment after an intense workout.

  • Improves chronic fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, and some conditions pertaining to the digestive system.

Treatment Packages Available

Hydration Therapy
IV Infusion Treatments

Performance Enhancement Treatment
Improves performance and endurance for sports or after an intense workout. Recovering from an illness, need an immune booster, a quick pick-me-up, or just jet lag. This is the perfect treatment for you.  (1 hour per treatment)
Reboot (Hangover) Treatment
Recovering from a night out with friends, planning a pre-game party, having a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, getting married, or hosting a party. Schedule your treatment or plan an event for you and your friends today.  (1 hour per treatment)
Fountain of Youth (Beauty IV Infusion) Treatment
Improves skin health and appearance. Provides the nutrients to strengthen your hair and nails. Combine with our other skincare services.  (1 hour per treatment)
Fountain of Youth NAD+ IV Infusion Treatment
NAD+ is present in all cells facilitating DNA repair process and maintenance. IV NAD+ Infusion improves mental clarity, memory, energy and muscle function. Helps reduce symptoms of Lyme disease, Depression, Anxiety, and some Neurological disorders.   (2 hours per treatment
Are There Side Effects?

The infusion for hydration is generally safe with no side effects. It is usually well tolerated and convenient. Some people may have some soreness around the infusion needle site. 

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The procedure depends on the type of treatment, the number of infusions, and the rate at which the infusion is delivered into the body. The average time takes 45 minutes to an hour. The more advanced infusions can take up to 2 hours.

How Often Do I Have To Get These Done?

It is recommended that you receive one infusion every two weeks to promote overall wellness. Treatments can be specialized to meet your individual needs. It is recommended that you schedule a consult with Dr. Hansen to discuss your individual needs. 

Vitamin C
Amino Acids
B12 Complex
Vitamin D

IM (Intramuscular) Injection

Vitamin D_edited.jpg

Intramuscular Injection (IM) is another method used to provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals to help us feel our best. The nutrients are injected directly into the muscle tissue, then gradually absorbs into the bloodstream. A great way to increase your energy, boost your immune system, and help with your overall health. Recommended weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your individual needs. 


Vitamin D Injection
Biotin Injection
Vitamin D improves bone health and increases immunity, energy levels, and respiratory function.
Improves skin health and appearance. Helps promote hair and nail growth. 
B-12 Injection
B-12 is responsible for nervous system function and blood cell production. This treatment helps improve B-12 deficiency,
REM sleep, mood, concentration, and increase energy levels.
Zofran Injection
Fast-acting Anti-Nausea Medication
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